Sonomax's SonoFit headphones a big winner at CES 2011

by Liam Britten | Startups

From Montreal to Las Vegas, designer headphone company Sonomax has been making a splash these days.

Sonomax’s SonoFit headphones, which feature inflatable earpieces designed to completely isolate sound, were a big hit at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Their products finished second in the Last Gadget Standing competition, was among nine finalists on the iStage and was featured at the CES Unveiled and ShowStoppers press events.

It’s a lot of hype for a product that only came out 18 months ago and is only slated for retail sale in April. But it didn’t just happen — as The Montreal Gazette reports, Sonomax’s success is the result of a targeted effort to reach the American market specifically.

Leperle was glad he hired a tech-and media-savvy U.S.-based PR firm to help him navigate the unchartered waters, which were full of influential media and analysts. "Sure, a great Canadian PR firm could've done a great job but this is something that they knew the space and who we wanted to do business with," Leperle said. "Joe-from-this-thing could be the biggest blogger in the world, (but) I don't know Joe because that's not my business.

"It's easy when a guy comes in and (his pass) says Financial Times or New York Times. Then the seas get parted. But it's very, very tough."

His PR team separated the wheat from the chaff -or, more specifically, the mainstream media and big-time bloggers from sample-hungry reporters and wannabes whose audiences are limited to "a Web page and 12 followers on Twitter."

I’m hoping that the retail price on headphones like these goes down from the expected $199–$299 soon. It would be nice to have headphones that perform well without bleeding noise everywhere. I’d actually like to give these out as gifts — to every person on the bus who listens to rap music so loud that I hear the bass and snare drums from the opposite end of the vehicle.

Sonomax Technologies
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Sonomax began in 1998 by creating hearing protection for industrial workers. Since then, the company has become a leader in sound isolating and enhancing technologies; and has created the revolutionary V4™ self-fit custom earpiece to work with headphones, Bluetooth™ headsets, high performance communication products for military, industrial and consumer. Sonomax aims to be the platform for any... more

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Liam Britten

Liam Britten

Liam Britten is a writer and editor with a journalism background operating out of Vancouver. In addition to his work at Techvibes, he has been published in student publications across Canada, as well as local newspapers such as The MapleRidge-Pitt Meadows TIMES and The Langley Advance. An aficionado for the finer things in life — such as video games and sports — Liam is plugged into the tech... more

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