Want to Grow Your Business and Leverage Time? Start Writing

by Suzanne Huber

Sales and marketing are really good friends. It's tough to grow a company and not have them close together.

When you are chasing deals and revenue, it is important to keep other leads you have met with already in the past on your radar. It is also important to communicate using customer relationship management systems to stay in touch via an old-school but still intriguing newsletter or modern day blog.

Sales led me to writing copy as a great vehicle for following up, staying in touch, maintaining relationships and building trust. Writing outside of your list in other media is also another opportunity to get in front of influencers and decision makers of companies. Writing should be incorporated into your marketing and sales plans. Give your readers good copy they connect with and you will have people seeking to build or maintain a relationship with you.



Most of the time people don’t want to hear from you as a salesperson. They are busy with their day. That is unless you have a great relationship with them—then you may get a few minutes, but only that.

Sending useful, relevant and interesting information out to prospects will keep them engaged in your proposition on their own time. Write in your own voice, rather than your corporate one, and your list will feel connected to you and your company. You likely do not have enough time to call every person that is on or would be on your list so it's really is the only way to stay in touch efficiently. Leverage your time and resources and send regular charming and informative messages to your list.



Newsletters and press releases allow you to stay in touch and tell your industry and contacts about the milestones of your company. Your copy is your microphone to share your success stories and testimonials for those that aren’t quite sure yet.

Press releases, blogging, and media exposure allow you to reach a larger audience within your niche or industry. It is a simple, easy, and worthwhile way to continue validating your message to prospects that forgot about you after your meeting with them. Get published in the right media and the CEO of the right company may read about you.

Case studies are extremely influential stories that can be incorporated into the sales process. Best of all, you can bring them physically into meetings, share them to your list and post them on your website.



Businesses with big and small budgets still use their lists to engage and revitalize leads.

It takes a bit of work to put some decent writing together but it is always worth it. Sharing content is an opportunity to build trust and have prospective clients learn more about you and see your company values reflected and actualized. It is very affordable to use various CRM systems to communicate. Take the time to produce valuable content and you will find people on your list reaching out to you.



There is money in your list just waiting to be tapped into.

Maintaining a current list and communicating with it often will help activate leads and referrals. There are plenty of successful businesses around the world are earning millions of dollars from their list. A poorly maintained or developed list is a lost opportunity for your company. Even if you are an independent sales professional, organize your leads and stay in touch.

Grow your list and do not underestimate the value of marketing’s impact on sales.

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Suzanne Huber

Suzanne Huber

Suzanne started her career by launching a software company that offered real-time flight information and digital advertising to hotels. In just over a year the company grew throughout Canada and into the US. Clients included Westin Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotels the Pan Pacific in Vancouver and many others. Since then Suzanne has advanced marketing and technical expertise and has been... more

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