Startup Calgary Shifts Focus to a Single, Driving Vision: Creating Startups

by Lloyed Lobo

Startup Calgary is gearing to create a hacker culture in Calgary as it announces its new vision for organization, Focused on the Start.

This initiative will see the organization roll out a series of events and programs focused on sparking people to build startups and assist them with tools, resources, mentorship, funding and customers required to make the leap into becoming successful.

“As with every organization, resources are limited and we feel that if we try to be all things to all people, we will fail to deliver any value to our community,” explained Sean Collins, VP Partnerships. “By focusing on the early stage, pre-startup ecosystem, we aim to get deep in the trenches and focus our efforts on building the next wave of disruptive tech companies right here in Calgary.”

Narrowing Startup Calgary's vision to being "Focused on the start," the organization says it will only take on programs, projects and events that work toward sparking people's ideas for building their own startup; getting people actively working on building their startup idea; and assisting these "pre-startups" in getting the tools, resources, mentorship, funding and customers required to make the leap into being a full-time startup.

Last month, Startup Calgary supported Startup Weekend, where more than 80 people collaborated to create 11 new startups. Starting startMarch 26, Startup Calgary will roll out weekly Hack Nights to bring startup enthusiasts together to share ideas and build. The event will be held every Tuesday at 5pm at AcceleratorYYC.

Startup Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Startup Calgary is all about community building - our primary goal is to help pull the IT based, startup related communities in Calgary closer together. We know that's a pretty tall order - there's a lot of get togethers, basement startups, and technologies being dreamed up here in our city that no one is aware of. We want to make sure everyone has the support and exposure they need. Don't... more

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Lloyed Lobo

Lloyed Lobo

Lloyed Lobo is a startup evangelist and community leader – he is a Global Facilitator at Startup Weekend, Instructor at Startup Weekend Next, Board Member at Startup Calgary, and Startup Columnist at Calgary Herald. He is also Partner at Boast Capital, a financial advisory firm with offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Silicon Valley specializing in R&D Tax Credits, and a Partner at Plug and... more

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