Startup Calgary Throws 4th Annual Launch Party

by Heidi Gammuac | Startups

Calgary’s startup community got together at the Startup Calgary Launch Party over the weekend at the University of Calgary.

Techstars’ Brad Feld delivered a keynote address via Skype and Chris Kemp, cofounder of Nebula and OpenStack, also took to the stage.
The event also featured a panel discussion on “How I Raised My First Round” from Tara Kelly, Founder and CEO, SPLICE Software; Gary Ziegler, Founder and CEO, eThor; Ashley Dunfield, Founder and CEO, PetroFeed; and Arpad Barabas, Founder and CEO, Mobizou.

The 10 chosen presenting startups received awards at the end of the night.

  • ENVrecon – Fastest to Black
  • EZ-Robot – Best Consumer Startup, People’s Choice
  • Gummii – Too Important to Fail, Most Innovative Idea, Startup Most Likely to IPO
  • GNS3 – Most Committed to Market Valuation, Best Enterprise Startup, The One to Watch
  • Invici Technologies – Biggest Social Impact
  • LeanKor – Top Venture Capital Prospect
  • Muzooka – Most Disruptive Concept
  • PrintToPeer
  • Rally Engine – Most Innovative Business Model, Best Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Slyce – Retail Innovation

Along with Startup Calgary’s weekly Tuesday Hack Nights, they will be launching a monthly event called Startup Grind next Thursday, November 28 at Assembly. Startup Grind is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. Their first speaker will be Rajen Ruparell, head of Global Sales at Groupon, who is coming from Chicago. Ruparell, a native Calgarian, built CityDeals in Europe and within five months sold it to Groupon for upwards of $300 million.

Startup Calgary
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Startup Calgary is all about community building - our primary goal is to help pull the IT based, startup related communities in Calgary closer together. We know that's a pretty tall order - there's a lot of get togethers, basement startups, and technologies being dreamed up here in our city that no one is aware of. We want to make sure everyone has the support and exposure they need. Don't... more

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Slyce is anchored by an advanced identification technology that allows consumers to purchase anything, at the moment they discover it—simply by taking a picture of the image with their smartphone. more

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Heidi Gammuac

Heidi Gammuac

Heidi Gammuac is the Account Executive at The Agency, a Calgary-based boutique PR firm that specializes in the tech space. A recent communications and journalism graduate, Heidi gained insight and work experience in the world of communications through various internships and volunteer projects prior to joining The Agency. Heidi specializes in copywriting, social media engagement and story... more

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