Startup Calgary’s host 2nd PowerPoint Karaoke

by Stephen King | Startups

Powerpoint Karaoke logoIf you are around over August long weekend in Calgary, the Startup Calgary 2nd PowerPoint Karaoke event on Monday, August 1st is going to be a fun, chillax way to network.  Here's what they have to say:

Why host another one you ask?  First off, everyone had a ton of fun – but more than that, we had a chance to meet more of our startup community in a more casual type of event.  Plus, we know startups can have a hard time scraping together cash for the big conferences (let’s face it, we’ve all been there), and Alberta Enterprise has generously donated ONE ticket for Grow Conference, Aug 17-19.  What better reason to host another Powerpoint Karaoke than to help one of our startups out?

Come down to Melrose Cafe at 8pm, enjoy some drinks and have some fun. You can either watch other people present, or try your hand at a three minute presentation yourself. Not sure how it works? Basically, presenters get up and present for three minutes with slides they’ve never seen before that advance every 15 seconds.

Here’s the catch: After you present, you get to give your 60 second pitch.  At the end of all the presentations, the panel of judges will vote for the winning presenter based on their 60 second pitch.  So – to win the pass, you must participate in Powerpoint Karaoke, then give your pitch.   We’re not making it easy – but hey – the pass is worth $495 valuable startup dollars and we can always use the practice!  Already have a ticket but still want to PP Karaoke?  We’re cool with that too!  The best PP Karaoke star gets bragging rights!

The Startup Calgary team is doing a great job ... from their Launch Party last November to Founder's Forum to AccelerateAB to Karaoke, they're really making an impact on the tech scene in Calgary ... more on them in a later post. 

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Stephen King

Stephen King

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