Startup Weekend Starts This Weekend in Victoria

by Mike DeWolfe | Startups

A Victoria-based edition of Startup Weekend begins this Friday with a free-for-all where people will share problems that need solutions and ideas that may be cool to dive into. The attendees come from all walks, including full-time employees looking for a challenge, developers in between gigs, and even people who are mid-startup but are looking for break from their routine.

Local business consultant Evan Williams is part of a team of volunteers organizing the Startup Weekend Victoria as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012.

From Friday night to Sunday night, more than a dozen people will gather at the Accelerate Tectoria offices near downtown Victoria. Entrepreneurs with a head for business logic will team up with developers to conceptualize and grind out a proof and project prototype inside of 54 hours. For the cost of $99, people receive instruction, mentorship, and six locally prepared meals—everything a hacker needs to get energized and stay focussed for the marathon session.

Teams are expected to critique each other’s business models, sketch wireframes, and verify customers as part of the exercise. They work to hash out their ideas and while there isn’t the expectation that they will emerge with a market ready product, the exercise will give teams the chance to work together, collaborate and create something in an aggressive timeframe.

“It’s been exciting to see the entrepreneurial community in Victoria develop since I launched my first startup here eight years ago,” said Evan. “Proven events like Startup Weekend attract both experienced mentors and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to transfer the knowledge required for success and knit the many individual relationships around town into a supportive whole.”

The goal of Startup Weekend Victoria is to bring together entrepreneurial minds to collaborate on innovative projects. The exercise is about building synergies.

From these teams, there may come new startups, long term relationships and more understanding about to put teams and protoypes together quickly. This exercise is like Victoria’s Startup Meetup, which was organized by Jesse Learmonth. That group has introduced entrepreneurs to each other and sparked life into a number of Victoria based ventures.

There is a steady rise in the volume of startups based in Victoria and this event will add to that momentum.

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Mike DeWolfe

Mike DeWolfe

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