Student Startup #2: Humber College's Students Upload

Student Startups is a new weekly series created by Techvibes to highlight Canada's talented student entrepreneurs. Across the country, bright minds with brilliant ideas are launching businesses before they even graduate from school. We want to recognize and celebrate these ambitious youngsters, who refuse to let studying for exams hinder their drive to succeed as entrepreneurs. Student Startups profiles cover both the startups and the students behind them—in their own words.

In our second edition, we've got a Humber College student and his partners pitching their web platform, Students Upload.


More students rely on the world wide web for homework support and social engagement with other students. The internet is a resource in today’s generation and Students Upload is a global platform that was created to fulfill students with social media and file sharing.

The social media platform is a blog that can be accessed from the homepage, which incorporates daily updates about certain topics around the globe generally targeted at students for important issues. Students are able to comment, tweet, and share the posts on Facebook; we believe the social media portion is beneficial since it makes the site friendly for visitors to educate themselves as well as active users.

The file sharing platform of the website is designed for students to upload and store personal files with the option to share them with other students/users. We are trying to eliminate the use of USB keys in the modern era. Students Upload is also used as a student classified, users can sell and buy school books through the website and even offer tutoring services for the students desired rate.

Social media has been very beneficial to the growth of Students Upload. We have over 1,000 registered users, over 6,200 Twitter followers, and over 770 Facebook page likes in just a month of the website being live. Students Upload 2.0 is in progress, with new features on the way that will allow students to earn cash and currency called Student Credits directly on the site. Collaborations have also signed on to be incorporated on Students Upload. The website is an open platform for all students worldwide.


The idea came to co-founder Michael Morra during his time in the Humber College computer lab; he noticed that many students were still using USB keys to store assignments and files. He then thought there must be millions of others students at schools doing the same thing so why not create a platform for all students to connect, store, share and maintain there documents for school work. After gaining the interests of his now partners, Michael chose to turn his idea into the website Students Upload and make a global student platform that includes many features and capabilities for students around the world.


Michael Morra, a former Humber College business student, is the co-founder and CEO of Students Upload. Aside from thinking of creative new features to add to the website, he also is a sports enthusiast and active stock watcher. Michael hopes to pursue a full time career in tech and investment banking. 

Lukas Hufsky is a Grade 11 student at St. Jean De Brebeuf High School in Vaughan, Ontario. Lukas is a co-founder of Students Upload and is a bassist in his own band; he is also an active Tweeter at @LukasHufsky. 

Andreas Ricci is a partner in Students Upload. A very dedicated programmer with a background in the field, he is the head programmer for the website and turns the ideas into reality.

If you're a student entrepreneur and want to tell the world about your startup, let us know.

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