Student Startup 8: Creating a Global Community of Students with York University's CubTuc


Student Startups is a monthly series created by Techvibes to highlight Canada's talented student entrepreneurs. Across the country, bright minds with brilliant ideas are launching businesses before they even graduate from school. We want to recognize and celebrate these ambitious youngsters, who refuse to let studying for exams hinder their drive to succeed as entrepreneurs. Student Startups profiles cover both the startups and the students behind them—in their own words.

In our eighth edition, we've got York University graduates pitching their student-centric venture, CubTuc.

THE PITCH revolves around the idea of students sharing the same needs, having similar wants and who are working with a limited budget. From trading used books, to renting new ones, from cheaper accommodations to affordable peer tutoring, from buying a new smart phone to selling an old laptop, CubTuc has it all for the student community.

We realized the fact that students shouldn’t have to trade with strangers at distant places to save money when they can easily trade with their friends inside their own and other campus communities. Along with trading, CubTuc puts required student services into one place with host of sections, dedicated to student needs, such as book rentals, carpooling, jobs, residence/roommates and daily deals with a campus-centric focus.


To better understand the idea, we must first describe and understand the problems that an average student faces. We interviewed 500 students from 15 universities to find out their perspective on the most commonly faced challenges during the entire course of their campus lives.

The top nine problems were: buying and selling books; finding accommodation close to campus grounds; making new friends; transportation complications; working within limited budget; finding part time jobs; cheap furniture, electronics and other products; difficulties in finding out the available bursaries and grants; finding help with studies and tutoring services.

We researched a little more and found that there was no solid solution out there to help students tackle all these problems. We created CubTuc to be the one-stop solution for these hurdles.

THE FOUNDERS is a company born from minds that recognized a new axiom within university culture. We launched CubTuc on September 10 with the help of great founding and joining team members.

Saad Anjum is the founder and CEO at CubTuc. He is passionate about following the dream and making it happen at all costs. What drives him to move forward is his belief in the abundance and the infinite resources residing in all of us.

He believes that we can shape our own destiny by utilizing our full potential and using these resources to our advantage. He has devised his “3 P” rule for success that entails "if we can Persevere through hard times, be Patient at all times, and keep a Positive mental attitude towards our goal, no worldly power can stop us from achieving our dreams."

Adeel Khan is a cofounder and the CRO of He graduated from York University with a Bachelor degree in Business and Economics. He has a background in sales, marketin,g and business development with a track of keeping a company’s products in demand and in sync with its revenue generation goals.

Jesse Quist was our first hire who took the chair of CMO at CubTuc. His areas of expertise include social media optimization, search engine optimization and web based income generation techniques. He is currently a third year student at York.

Terence Bower is the most experienced member of CubTuc and holds the key position of CTO. He was among the first few hires at CubTuc and brings 30 years of experience in the software development industry.


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