Stupid name, smart idea: Vancouver's Smart Web Apps launches FriendBangMarry

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

Just as big things come in small packages, so too do smart ideas come with stupid names.

Vancouver's Smart Web Apps recently launched the beta for FriendBangMarry. The name is a blunt description of the service: who in the Twittersphere do you want to friend? Do you want to bang? Do you want to marry?

The web-based application turns your social network into a sort of dating scene—which may sound juvenile to some (and, really, it is). You can tell as soon as you visit the site, which uses Snooki and Vincent from Jersey Shore as an example.But that doesn't mean it's a dumb idea. Let's face it, people will be all over this. What that says about our society, well, let's leave that debate for another day.

“Twitter is a very powerful platform for getting to know someone," says Ray Kanani, President of SMART Web Apps. "It is really an open digital diary. You can learn about what someone likes, and doesn’t like but more importantly you can learn about how someone feels and their opinions on current events. FriendBangMarry will eventually become a platform to find Twitter followers that you connect with on a deeper level.” 

This is more a fun app than a serious app, but who doesn't want to have some fun with social media? FBM lets you rate your Twitter pals anonymously like that old Facebook app, Honesty Box, or the one where you wrote on a virtual bathroom stall's wall. We're talking about primal, high-school instincts kicking in here, the kind we all succumb to in some manner or another, even though most of us are embarrassed to admit it and try to resist the temptation.

Perhaps we should just indulge, and start banging and marrying our Twitter followers.

Editor's Note: For the record, I think quite a lot of web 2.0 names for apps and companies are stupid. This one is just extra stupid. And, also for the record, stupid doesn't equal bad. In fact, it can very well be the opposite.

SMART Web Apps
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Based in Vancouver, SMART Web Apps is a team of creatives passionate about social interaction. We create fun applications that bring people together both online and offline. The team is passionate about social interactions and believes it is the best way to make people smile :) SMART Web Apps is behind many online social properties, such as friendbangmarry and SMART Pics, and we are always... more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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