Summer is Almost Over. Get Back to Work with These Productivity Apps

September is just around the corner when your kids, nieces, and nephews go back to school. Some adults actually start working again as they snap out their August daze. With all the new distractions of autumn, productivity and focus is increasingly critical.

Canada’s ultimate alerts app for the iPhone, HeroButton, is certainly on your side once again. Since I covered them earlier this month, they have expanded their number of alert categories to 15, adding six more with the new update. The new ones, in addition to the existing ones seen here, are Vehicles, Shipping & Tracking, Articles for Sale (new and used), Mortgages, Houses, and Jobs.

The app now has 19,000 downloads, up from 10,500 four weeks ago. Events and concerts have been the most popular notification category for the app that scans over 800 sites.

It has been noted by industry insiders like CEO Andrew Rashbass of the Economist that aggregated news apps like Zite and Flipboard have an advantage over individual publications. Therefore, productivity apps that allow you to browse and receive notifications from one place for the things you are looking for are perhaps the future of classifieds over a single site like Craigslist.

In the enterprise world, a comparison to HeroButton is Manymoon, acquired and re-named by Salesforce. Salesforce claims it is the easiest way to get work done with anyone.

The social productivity tool is mobile and real-time. allows one to share task lists, organize projects, take notes, track contacts, close deals, gives reminders, allows the creation of groups, is for conversations, files, templates, activity feeds, calendar syncing, includes email to task function, integrates with Google services, and integrates with

These are just two examples of productivity apps and you can find over 300 more enterprise ones in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Here’s to being productive this Fall across Canada.

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Dan Verhaeghe

Dan Verhaeghe

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