Survey Says Canadians Use Facebook to End Relationships

How do Canadians end their relationships? Canadians turn to technology to hint what they can’t say face-to-face and to get their point across.  What else? 10% of Canadians would give their significant other the hint by changing their Facebook status.

This is according to a recent survey by Motorola and Angus Reid. The study was conducted as a clever PR campaign for the launch of the new Motorola Hint QA30. Interestingly, more Canadians aged 18-34 would opt NOT to use technology to give someone the hint their relationship is over, than those aged 35-54 and 55+.

The survey shows that some Canadians are so accustomed to using technology for every-day interactions with people that they would use texting, Facebook and e-mail to hint to someone that they either want to start or end a relationship.

Some of the interesting highlights from the study include the following:

  • French-speaking Canadians are most likely to show they have a crush by sending a flirtatious text message, 16 per cent compared to only 9 per cent of English-speaking Canadians
  • French-speaking Canadians are significantly more likely to use email to give someone a hint they have a crush on them    
  • English-speaking Canadians are more likely to use Facebook and texting to give someone a hint they have a crush    
  • Females are more likely to send flirtatious text messages (* Canadians aged 18-34 are most likely to use text messaging as a hinting medium

The Motorola Hint QA30 hits Bell stores tomorrow.

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