Survey shows what Canadian executives know, and how they feel about cloud computing

by Liam Britten | Research

CA Technologies Canada today released results of a national survey on cloud computing. The survey focused on the role of cloud computing in business — how businesses used cloud computing, how they felt about it, and how different people within an organization feel about the cloud.

While many Canadian executives see cloud computing as important to their company’s success, there is still much confusion about the concept. 62 per cent of Canadian business executives and 23 per cent of IT executives admit to being confused by the concept, in fact.

Here are some other results from CA Technologies Canada’s survey:

Survey respondents were asked to identify the main benefits for public and private cloud:

  • The top benefits noted for public cloud adoption were: cost savings, efficient use of resources, and flexibility/scalability. Executive respondents whose organizations are currently evaluating the use of public cloud say cost savings (65 percent) and flexibility/scalability (58 percent) are the primary motivators.
  • The key benefits listed for private cloud adoption were: cost savings (38 percent), followed by security (32 percent), and accessibility by users (28 percent).

When asked about top concerns and barriers to implementing cloud computing in their IT environments, responses differed:

  • Business executives may underestimate an IT professional’s concerns regarding privacy issues or poor service from a cloud provider. More than 40 per cent of IT professionals said privacy and lackluster service providers are a top concern (44 per cent and 43 per cent, respectively), while 30 per cent of business executives believe this to be the case (35 per cent and 30 percent, respectively).
  • Security and the U.S. Patriot Act are listed as IT executives’ top concerns for moving to the public cloud (68 per cent), while fewer business executives (58 per cent) recognize this concern.

Biggest Supporters and opponents of cloud computing in an organization:

  • Senior business leaders emerged as the biggest supporters of cloud adoption; 40 per cent of respondents listed the CEO, president or owner, or senior business leaders and managers as the biggest supporters.
  • Not surprisingly, executives say the security/privacy team is most likely to be opposed to adopting cloud computing (27 per cent).

Public cloud vs. private cloud:

  • In terms of current use of cloud, 36 per cent of IT professionals and business executives say their company is currently using private cloud, while 23 per cent are using public cloud. There appears to be a greater interest in private verses public cloud computing. Nearly 40 per cent saying their company is aware of the public cloud but have no plans to consider using it, versus 26 per cent who say the same about private cloud.
  • Current use of public cloud is more common in Quebec than in Ontario or Alberta (30 per cent, 21 per cent and 11 per cent, respectively).
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Liam Britten

Liam Britten

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