Sxipper simplifies web browsing at Launch Party

by Warren Frey

Sxip, one of Vancouver's recent tech success stories, demoed their new version of Sxipper (pronounced "skipper"), a free Firefox plugin makes logging into a website as simple as a single click at Launch Party on Wednesday.

Built on OpenID, a protocol for exchanging identity data securely based on the Identity 2.0 open source project, the plug in is intended to make both endless password confusion and insecure single-password habits a thing of the past. "There's been a lot of big changes in this new version of Sxipper. We've refined the user experience, and with our set of tools and services, Sxipper learns as it goes, with the ability to fill out forms, make up passwords for you, and it stores everything on your local system.

The latest version also gets data from Plaxo," Sxip product manager Matt Herdon said. Though the plug-in is free, and Sxip has no plans to change that, Herdon explained that they do plan to offer Sxipper Pro, an additional set of services such as disposable email based on a subscription model. Future plans include a system to automatically upload profile images to sites such as Facebook and Myspace, as well as syncing between computers and the ability to import and export.

Sxip Identity
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sxip Identity is the market leader for Identity 2.0, an internet-scale approach to identity and access management that is simple, secure, and open. Sxip provides on-demand identity management solutions for the enterprise and user-centric solutions that securely automate the exchange of identity data online for individuals. more

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Warren Frey

Warren Frey

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