Sysomos Audience: Big Brother or social media ROI?

The value of ROI of social media has been hotly debated recently.  Many social media professionals have maintained that building and maintaining relationships is intrinsically valuable in and of itself.

However, one company is poised to help brands and companies know exactly how much their visitors are worth and how valuable their social media campaigns are.

Introducing Sysomos Audience.

According to their video (shown below) the Audience product is able to not just track visitors coming onto your website.  Audience will be able to track where your visitors - who are your potential clients - go online and which websites are visited by them in relation to your business.

Sysomos is excited to announce the preview release of Sysomos Audience, an innovative and disruptive service that measures social media ROI.

Nick Koudas is a co-founder of Sysomos:

Audience tells you why someone visited your site, their importance and potential value. Audience helps you optimize your social strategy by providing the ability to really understand what is working and what isn't in your social marketing campaigns and engagement efforts. 

For more information visit Sysomos Audience.

What are your thoughts on Audience?  Is Big Brother finally here? We would love to read your comments below.

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Sysomos was founded in 2007 to solve the challenge of continuous social media monitoring as well as its correlation with traditional media. With the volume of user generated content increasing at unprecedented speeds, the ability to search, clean and distill the information in user generated content is a challenge. Sysomos offers the first solution capable to scalably deliver results in real... more

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