Tablet users love apps and they're willing to pay for them: Study

Thank you, tablet users. 

Three weeks ago I asked the question, Why do Canadians use their smartphones for dumb things? I asked this question because a comScore report revealed that the two most popular activities done on smartphones are texting and taking photos—two things that dumb phones have been able to do for many years and do not in any way require a smartphone—and that only 40 percent of smartphone users in Canada appear use apps with a mere 33 percent browsing the web.

But a new study, albeit a U.S. one, has restored my faith in humanity: tablet users get what it means to own a "smart" mobile device.

Indeed, a study conducted by the Online Publishers Association revealed that over 90 percent of American tablet users have downloaded apps. Impressive.

In fact, tablet users go all-out compared to smartphone users: they download an average of 20 apps (smartphone users who download apps average just 12) and they're also willing to pay for apps, spending more than $50 on average per year.

And these guys must be downloading some good apps because 89 percent were satisfied or very satisfied with their device.

Two-thirds of the tablet users owned either an iPad 1 or 2. Samsung's Android-powered Galaxy Tab was the second most popular.

The majority of tablet owners were male and half were younger than 35.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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