Tablets Changing How People Use Other Devices and What They Buy, Study Finds

The tablet may seem a natural cannibalizer of laptops, but it seems that the emerging product category is siphoning time from many other devices and activities as well. Research firm Forrester released the results of a survey that found tablet owners engage much less with traditional devices and media.

According to Forrester, one-third of tablet owners use desktops and read printed books less frequently since acquiring their device. Further, one-quarter of tablet owners read print magazines and newspapers less often, and one in five use their MP3 players less often.

It's not just usage, but also purchasing, that tablets are impacting. One-third of users who buy tablets become less likely to purchase a portable gaming console, small television, or music playing device. Tablets also render e-readers obsolete: after buying a tablet, nearly half of respondents indicated they were less likely to buy an ebook than before.

But one device complements the tablet - main television sets. A tablet appears to be the perfect companion to a household's primary TV. Only 12% of Forrester respondents watch less TV because of their tablet. And Nielsen discovered recently that 88% of tablet owners use their device while watching TV - in fact, nearly one-third of tablet usage occurs while the user is watching television, Nielsen says.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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