In Three Short Years, Tablets Have Overtaken Smartphones in Web Traffic: Adobe

Globally, websites are now getting more traffic from tablets than from smartphones.

This is one of many findings in Adobe's 2013 "The State of Mobile Benchmark" report, which can be found here. According to Adobe, internet users view 70% more pages per visit when browsing on a tablet versus a smartphone. The report suggests that, while tablet and smartphone consumers are both "mobile" users, they behave very differently: "Tablet users actually behave more like PC users in the way they browse and enagage," the report says.

Interestingly, mobile usage varies dramatically by country, even between relatively similar nations such as the US and the UK. Mobile users in the UK strongly prefer accessing the internet via tablets, while North Americans' preference for tablets is quite modest. Alternatively, in Japan and China, mobile users still favour smartphones.

Adobe notes that it only took tablets only three years—the iPad, which is widely credited for making the tablet a viable mass-market consumer device, launched in 2010—to overtake smartphones in driving traffic (the smartphone has existed for more than a decade).

Not surprisingly, the bulk of this traffic—from both smartphones and tablets—comes from either Apple's iOS or Google's Android. In most major countries, the two operating systems combine for more than 90% of smartphone traffic. Among tablet usage, iOS still dominates Android (77% of traffic). And even though Android has much greater worldwide marketshare of devices, iOS smartphones still account for half of all browsing in North America—more than Android, at 45%. Canada's own BlackBerry has plunged from 5% of traffic to 1%, placing it on par with Windows, also at 1%.

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