Tagga creates instant interaction at Launch Party

Tagga, a neat text messaging service enabling social media campaigns, demoed its awesome texting for social marketing power application at Launch Party in downtown Vancouver on Thursday night.

Say I want to create a PR campaign with real reach. With the mobile advertising market now reportedly worth $2.7 billion and growing, Tagga appears to have some excellent tools for a landscape with a lot of opportunity. Go to the Tagga site, write your message, advertise a code for users to dial on their cells and presto, they see your life-changing message. Easy and effective.

Tagga lets users tagg real world items and web snippets to their phone. For all those in love with texting (pretty much the entire developed world) tagga offers a great solution those who sign up to their service (as listed on their website):

  • Create a standard SMS campaign
  • Send any web content instantly to your mobile
  • Subscribe to news feeds and get the data on your mobile
  • Advertise
  • Make money by publishing with tagga tools on your website
  • Follow other fellow taggers

They also now have mobile plug-ins for popular CMS platforms like Wordpress, MovableType, Joomla and Drupal. I definitely know some local hyper-bloggers and social media marketing wonks who are going to want to work with it. Very cool app.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Tagga's B2C Marketing Intelligence Platform is designed to consolidate fragmented customer data, allowing brand marketers to view a unified 360° profile for each member of their community. These profiles allow brands to drive deeper engagement, predict campaign outcomes, minimize marketing spend, and maximize ROI. more

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Jonathon Narvey

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