Take your content marketing far beyond automation and apps with these incredible tools

I recently attended Marketo's Revenue Rockstar Tour in Toronto at the Pantages Hotel.

While Marketo says they are the number two automation company behind Salesforce in their respective niche of targeting small to medium sized businesses, they say the best way to generate leads with their platform is through content marketing.

Toronto-based Eloqua founded automation over ten years ago and Doug Wotherspoon of Algonquin College has found it effective for generating sales from alumni and tracking prospective students, but that's just basic measurement man.  

A few months ago AOL announced their "prove portrait" feature that shows where to best optimize your display ad on a webpage for increased click-thru rates and interaction time through varying biometrics as I explained a few weeks ago

A similar tool mentioned in Chief Content Officer, which was handed out by Marketo at the conference is Inboundwriter.com which uses natural language programming. The magazine says: "Inbound Writer's interactive editor lets you experiment with different words and content structures, and observe in real time how your content score changes based on your choices. Use it to increase the popularity ad competitiveness of a piece of online content". 

The reality is that without tools, measurement becomes far too complicated and mathematical for the average content marketer to use effectively. Even the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Mobile Marketing Association are struggling to define and put together standards for an ever blossoming field of mobile metrics. It will eventually come together, but for now marketers need to focus more on enriching their mobile web experience in conjunction with their apps. 

While the Vancouver-based Mobify allows you to make your website optimal for the web, Onswipe makes your website look great on tablet web browsers. 

The CEO Jason Baptise, according to CCO, says: "apps are bullshit". The magazine continues: "He believes publishers spend too much on apps and compromise control of their content. Onswipe provides an app-like touch-screen experience for tablets and phones, without all the development costs. The service makes your digital content accelerator-aware (so visitors can view horizontally or vertically) and visitors can comment and share content socially". 

All along, RIM has said the future of mobile is the web, not apps.

However, we've seen consumers reject that notion in the latest update to Apple's operating system where several tech news outlets have reported that they don't want the super-app newsstand feature on their smartphones, while I said it could have a major impact on magazine publishers Friday should super apps continue to wreak havoc. Apple at first didn't provide an option to remove newsstand from the iPhone or iPad which actually enraged some consumers who want to look at a clean screen everyday. 

A more interactive HTML5-driven mobile web could certainly shift the balance of power in the always intriguing fight between the mobile web and mobile apps, which co-exist together, but aren't great friends as most tech companies involved in mobile have chosen one or the other rather than including both. 

Further, if you want to see more analytics from your content marketing, re-use your content and post it in different spots across the web where applicable. Here are twelve things you can do after you create a blog post and Marketo, which has been writing content for awhile, said that they implemented this strategy and improved traffic by four times in this area! 

And last but not least, allow your readers to follow you.

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