Technology Habits Between Youth and Parents are Remarkably Similar, Study Finds

by Knowlton Thomas

The latest Rogers Innovation Report shows that, in nearly equal numbers, connected young Canadians and their connected parents (40% and 43% respectively) are using technology to stay close with one another.

Not only is technology keeping families connected, it is also helping to bridge the generation gap between parents and their children: 29% of parents surveyed say technology allows them to be closer to their children than they were with their own parents.

29% of Canadian parents consider themselves tech savvy, but 43% still turn to their kids for help on using devices. 52% of parents believe their kids are much savvier with technology. This may be so, but the habits between the two generations remain remarkably similar. 

Report findings show that both youth and parents say texting is their preferred smartphone and tablet activity (94% and 82%). Further, youth and parents both look to technology to stay close to family (48% and 52%).

They both look to the same brands when choosing a smartphone and they both use their tablets to do primarily the same thing, including email (97% each), shopping online, reading books and magazines, and watching sports online. They each have an average of 14 apps on their devices. And 52% of youth are friends with their parents on Facebook.

"The latest Innovation Report findings show that technology isn't dividing the generations, it's bringing families closer together," said Robert Switzman, senior director, Emerging Business, Rogers Communications. "We see how kids are now playing a leading role teaching parents how to get the most out of their smartphones, tablets and other devices. And as many parents prepare to send their kids off to college or university this year, they will rely on this technology to stay connected with their kids."

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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