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During the past 10 years, thousands of companies have used the Techvibes Job Board, from giants like Amazon and Electronic Arts to startups like Wattpad and HootSuite. Today, we're a leading resource for technology opportunities in Canada. And, of course, we're also a news site, delivering dozens of articles every day that cover technology and startups nationwide.

Today, Techvibes Media Inc. announces the official launch of its first dedicated vertical outside of technology. Titled Perform, this new vertical will deliver daily content relating to improving productivity at work, advancing careers, and enhancing balance. Intersecting technology and startups with jobs and career performance, Perform effectively broadens the diversity of our content without compromising the integrity of our roots.

"I am excited to announce the launch of our new content vertical, Perform," says Robert Lewis, the editor-in-chief of Techvibes. "It bridges our news site and job board together beautifully."

"The idea behind Perform is that everyone can be a better version of themself, professional and personally," adds Knowlton Thomas, the managing editor of Techvibes. "We want people who use our site to find jobs to also become smarter employees with more fulfilling careers and better work-life balance. We also want entrepreneurs to become more effective leaders and better manage their businesses. Perform is going to help enable all of that."

Perform will feature of a broad mix of content, including:

• How to leverage technology efficiently at work.

• News and insight into careers in Canada.

• Analysis of employment trends in Canada.

• Research on improving productivity and work-life balance.

• Amazing tech job opportunities in Canada.

• Leadership and management tips and tricks.

Perform is officially live and in full operation as of today. 

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Techvibes is Canada's leading technology media property. Originally founded in 2002, Techvibes is dedicated to covering social, mobile, and startup news that impacts Canadians. Our editors and nationwide network of reporters combine breaking hyperlocal news with international coverage to deliver a unique balance of insight and information. New in 2012, Techvibes is also the host of the annual... more

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Techvibes Perform

Techvibes Perform

Perform. Advance Yourself. Perform is a content vertical delivered to you by the Techvibes Job Board. Perform delivers a daily dose of career-related news, analysis, and insight, ranging from improving your productivity at work to enhancing your personal growth. Whether you're searching for a new career, looking to become the best worker you can be, or thinking or launching your own company,... more

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