Techvibes' Comprehensive list of Canadian Tech Acquisitions [updated - now 75 transactions]

by Rob Lewis | Business

Canada's startup ecosystem tends to measure success with financings and acquisitions. Since Angel and VC financings often go unreported, it's easier to track the state of the Canadian Startup space on acquisitions and exits.

Over the past four years Techvibes has covered our share of tech acquisition news, beginning with the Disney purchase of Club Penguin in the summer of 2007 and most recently with the sale of PostRank to Google.

In a blog post on StartupNorth yesterday Dan Morel suggested that 2011 could be a $1 Billion Year for Canada. It's certainly tracking that way but it won't be the first time. According to our records, 2010 was a banner year and most likely surpassed $1 Billion as well.

Below is a summary of all the acquisitions that Techvibes have covered over the past four years. If we've missed any (or if you know the price tags on any of these ones), let us know in the comments or by email and we will add them. Once we have a complete data-set, we'll make it available to the public in a more complete format.

4/2/2007 - Toronto's Workbrain acquired by Infor Global for $227 Million

8/1/2007 - Kelowna's Club Penguin acquired by Disney for $700 Million

8/1/2007 - Moncton's Whitehill Technologies acquired by Skywire Software

10/13/2007 - Edmonton's Bioware acquired by Electronic Arts for $860 Million

12/8/2007 - Edmonton's Cubix acquired by Adknowledge

2/28/2008 - Toronto's Platespin acquired by Novell for $205 Million

3/11/2008 - Toronto's ThinData acquired by Transcontinental

3/31/2008 - Vancouver's 90 Degree Software acquired by Microsoft

5/5/2008 - Kelowna's YourTechOnline acquired by SupportSoft

8/1/2008 - Victoria's AbeBooks acquired by Amazon for $120 Million

8/5/2008 - Toronto's PoolExperts acquired by Rogers Communications

9/30/2008 - Montreal's OZ Communications acquired by Nokia

12/11/2008 - Vancouver's Chalk Media acquired by RIM

1/21/2009 - London's Conversys acquired by Transcontinental

1/27/2009 - Montreal's Defensio acquired by Websense

2/3/2009 - Vancouver's Action Pants acquired by Ubisoft

4/8/2009 - Toronto's Vizible acquired by Open Text

4/21/2009 - Vancouver's Neoteric acquired by Haemonetics

5/8/2009 - Vancouver's BigPark acquired by Microsoft

7/29/2009 - Vancouver's Super Rewards acquired by AdKnowledge for $50 Million

8/5/2009 - Waterloo's J2Play acquired by Electronic Arts

8/20/2009 - Waterloo's RapidMind acquired by Intel

8/24/2009 - Toronto's GigPark acquired by CanPages

8/31/2009 - Toronto's Torch Mobile acquired by RIM

9/1/2009 - Vancouver's NowPublic acquired by Clarity Media Group fro $25 Million

9/24/2009 - Montreal's Mobivox acquired by SabSe Technologies

12/10/2009 - Toronto's Opalis acquired by Microsoft

2/22/2010 - Toronto's RedFlagDeals acquired by Yellow Pages Group

3/9/2010 - Vancouver's Verrus acquired by PayPoint for $50 Million

3/27/2010 - Toronto's Viigo acquired by RIM

3/30/2010 - Vancouver's Canpages acquired by YPG for $225 Million

4/7/2010 - Vancouver's Bycast acquired by NetApp for $75 Million

4/29/2010 - Ottawa's dna13 acquired by CNW Group

5/2/2010 - Toronto's BumpTop acquired by Google for $30 Million

5/3/2010 - Montreal's Standout Jobs acquired by Talent Technology

5/4/2010 - Montreal's LIPSO acquired by Transcontinental

5/26/2010 - Toronto's Xkoto acquired by Teradata

5/28/2010 - Vancouver's Sitemasher acquired by Salesforce

6/10/2010 - Vancouver's DabbleDB acquired by Twitter

7/6/2010 - Toronto's Sysomos acquired by Marketwire

7/8/2010 - Calgary's Elluminate acquired by Blackboard for $116 Million

7/14/2010 - Vancouver's Layerboom acquired by Joyent

7/14/2010 - Quebec City's Poly9 acquired by Apple

8/30/2010 - Toronto's SocialDeck acquired by Google

9/13/2010 - Vancouver's Cengea acquired by Trimble

9/15/2010 - Victoria's Backstage acquired by RealNetworks

9/16/2010 - Vancouver's Blue Castle Games acquired by CapCom

9/30/2010 - Saskatoon's Point2 Technologies acquired by Yardi

10/5/2010 - Montreal's Airborne Mobile acquired by Cellfish

10/22/2010 - Toronto's Clarity Systems acquired by IBM

11/15/2010 - Toronto's Cognovision acquired by Intel for $30 Million

12/6/2010 - Ottawa's Protus IP acquired by j2 Communications for $213 Million

12/14/2010 - Toronto's Zetawire acquired by Google

12/24/2010 - Waterloo's DALSA acquired by Teledyne Corporation for $341 Million

1/5/2011 - Victoria's Flock acquired by Zynga

1/6/2011 - Edmonton's Attassa acquired by YouSendIt

1/31/2011 - Toronto's Adenyo acquired by Motricity for $100 Million

2/8/2011 - Toronto's MyThum acquired by OLSON

3/3/2011 - Toronto's CoverItLive acquired by Demand Media

3/11/2011 - Vancouver's Sayvee acquired by Bandzoogle

3/26/2011 -  Waterloo's Tiny Hippos acquired by RIM

3/30/2011 - New Brunswick's Radian6 acquired by Salesforce for $326 Million

4/7/2011 - Waterloo's MKS acquired by Parametric Technology for $292 Million

4/8/2011 - Toronto's PushLife acquired by Google for $25 Million

4/27/2011 - Montreal's Tungle acquired by RIM

4/28/2011 - Montreal's Coradiant acquired by BMC

5/10/2011 - Toronto's Conversition acquired by e-Rewards

6/3/2011 - Waterloo's PostRank acquired by Google

6/7/2011 - Toronto's DealFrenzy acquired by Intertainment Media

7/5/2011 - Toronto's BackType acquired by Twitter

7/5/2011 - Vancouver's Veridae acquired by Tektronix

7/8/2011 - Toronto's Five Mobile acquired by Zynga

7/26/2011 - Ottawa's DNA Genotekacquired by OraSure for $53 Million

8/23/2011 - Vancouver's Zite acquired by CNN for $25 Million

9/1/2011 - Toronto's Algorithmics acquired by IBM

This lengthy list of acquisitions likely has you wondering what cities and companies have been the most prolific on the acquisition front. Here you go:

  • Busiest acquirers: Google (5), RIM (5), Microsoft (3), Transcontinental (3), Intel (2), and Salesforce (2)
  • Busiest cities: Toronto (24), Vancouver (17), Montreal (8), and Waterloo (6)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Vancouver Development Center (VDC) is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The centre is home to some of the best and brightest software developers from around the world. Since opening its doors in September 2007, the VDC has quickly become an intricate part of Microsoft’s global strategy for distributed software development. VDC employees play a key role in architecting systems,... more

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Research In Motion (RIM), a global leader in wireless innovation, revolutionized the mobile industry with the introduction of the BlackBerry solution in 1999. Since then, BlackBerry products and services have continued to change the way millions of people around the world stay connected. With the launch of BlackBerry 10, we have re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry. Not only... more

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. As a first step to fulfilling that mission, Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a new approach to online search that took root in a Stanford University dorm room and quickly spread to information seekers around the globe. Google is now widely recognized as the world's... more

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. In June 2015, Intel acquired Recon Instruments, based in Vancouver, BC. Founded in 2008, Recon Instruments is a world leader in smart eyewear and smart goggle technology for sports and high intensity... more

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