Telus does away with high cancellation and upgrade fees. Is this some sort of dream?

If someone were to ask you to name an organization that "champions fairness and transparency" and you answered "Telus," they would probably send you to an asylum.

But these are fresh words coming from the lips of this Vancouver-based telco, who believes it is "revolutionizing wireless device ownership in Canada."

Coming off the heels of its announcement to slash roaming rates by an impressive 60 percent—which sparked a fight between Telus and Rogers—the telco now plans to "do away" with high cancellation fees:

When Telus consumers and business customers want to end their agreement early to upgrade to a new Telus device they only need to pay their device balance displayed on their monthly bill—the remaining portion of the device credit they received when they purchased their previous device.

"Over the last few years, we've worked hard to enhance what Future Friendly really means for our customers," said David Fuller, TELUS Chief Marketing Officer. "They want more than just the latest smartphones—they want a stellar customer experience and that is what we are striving for."

He went to say that "We believe they deserve fairness and transparency in their pricing from us and that's what we've done by removing system access and 911 carrier fees, simplifying our pricing plans, lowering international roaming rates, setting up free SMS notifications to alert clients about data usage which helps them avoid surprising overage charges, and offering to unlock their devices."

"Now, we are taking our commitment one big step further," he continued, "by removing significant cancellation fees and offering our customers the option of upgrading to a newer device at any time, rather than making them wait until their agreement expires. These improvements further solidify our commitment to offer the best customer experience in Canada."

Since November 2010, customers have been able to upgrade to a new device at any time with the Early Device Upgrade program. This "new and improved" device ownership program enables customers who signed up after November 21, 2010 to see the remaining device balance displayed on their monthly bill, a balance that goes down every month until their agreement expires (think Koodo Tab).

So if customers want to upgrade, they can at any time to a new handset by paying back their outstanding device balance. And if customers want to leave Telus, they no longer pay termination charges, but instead pay back their remaining device balance, plus a "small administrative account closure charge" of $50.

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