Enflick's TextNow Expands Mobile Voice and Data Services with New LTE Phone

Waterloo's Enflick, the company that developed TextNow, an app that provides free phone service over wifi used by 20 million users worldwide, today expanded its phone offerings with a new TextNow LTE phone.

Pairing the Samsung Galaxy SIII and TextNow services with Sprint’s LTE data network in areas without wifi, TextNow, an all-IP mobile operator, delivers quality VoIP-based calls and text messages.

“In today’s world, there is absolutely no good reason for users to sacrifice either cost or quality to meet their mobile phone needs,” says Derek Ting, cofounder and CEO Enflick. “With LTE’s perfect support for VoIP, our new TextNow-powered phones deliver not only faster data speeds but also the best voice quality around. Plus, with the very latest class of hardware innovation available, you don’t have to sacrifice one ounce of cache.”

With the TextNow LTE phone, consumers now get reliable voice and data phone services with virtually no geographic limitations.


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Users also aren’t forced into a long-term contract.

Today’s announcement comes just two months after the introduction of the company’s flagship mobile phone offering.

Enflick | TextNow
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Way back in 2009, two Waterloo students founded TextNow with the aim of providing a better alternative to traditional wireless plans and services. Today, TextNow and TextNow Wireless are in the hands of more than 50 million users. TextNow, our free app, provides users with their own genuine ten-digit number, which they can use to make free calls and texts across Canada and the US. Our customers... more

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