The Canadian gamers' landscape: A profile of gamers in Canada [statistics]

by Knowlton Thomas

infographicCompiling data from  Entertainment Software Association of Canada, CBC News published this infographic on Canadian gamers. It profiles the average gamer by age, gender, platform, and frequency of play.

The average age of the Canadian gamer is 36 years, perhaps a surprising statistic to those who consider games are strictly for teens.

More than a third of gamers are girls, another statistic that may shock those with more traditional views of the gaming landscape.

Just under one half - 48% - of Canadian households have one or more video game consoles (Playstation, Wii, Xbox, etc.).

Nearly half of Canadians play "a few days per week," with a quarter playing every day. About 15 percent play "once a week," half that play "once every two weeks," and a meager one in twenty have only played once in the past month.

Breaking this down into hours, just one in ten play for less than one per hour week, with nearly a third playing for up to three hours. Interestingly, about one quarter of Canadian gamers play between four and six hours per week, and 16 percent play between 10 and 15 hours per week - yet only 9% play between seven and nine hours weekly, as though it's some sort of dark nexus of bad gaming luck. One in ten play sixteen or more hours per week (therefore, one in ten must be unemployed?).

Computers won as the most-played platform at 50 percent, with console gaming chasing its rear with 36 percent. Handhelds were the most frequently used platforms by just nine percent of Canadian gamers, and mobile devices, just five percent (though the latter is apt to rise at least a little over the next few years).

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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