The Five Biggest Guest Articles of 2013 on Techvibes

by Rob Lewis | Startups

Techvibes is proud to have some of Canada's most prominent entrepreneurs and investors pen guest articles for us.

Below are the five biggest stories written by guest contributors in 2013.

1. Why Startups Should Choose Canada Over Silicon Valley by David Quail

"I did it largely because of the incestuous bubble of false positives that pervades Silicon Valley."


2. Why I Haven’t Hired a Single Developer in Canada by Mario Zelaya

"Finding the right talent in Canada wasn’t difficult. That’s right, it was easy to find. Talent was plentiful. There were extremely intelligent and capable developers. But the price tag that came along with their talents made me wonder how I would even stay in business."


3. Eight Reasons Working at a Startup is for You by Maura Rodgers

"Any entrepreneur will tell you that life’s too short to not like your job."


4. Forget Silicon Valley North, Let’s Make Vancouver "Canadian HQ" by Ben Pickering

"I want to make a case for why Silicon Valley companies that are looking to launch in Canada should be turning their sights due north and making Vancouver their Canadian headquarters."


5. Why Stealth Mode Will Kill Your Startup by Adrian Crook

"When a CEO keeps his startup in stealth mode, he's decided paranoia over theft of his grand idea outweighs the risk of wasting time and money on a poorly thought out startup. The reality is, stealth mode hurts you and your company far more than it helps you."

Techvibes is seeking people with stories to tell—entrepreneurs, investors, and experts with insight into Canada's startup scene—who want to share their experiences with a diverse and engaged audience. Guest writers reach thousands of readers across Canada, including prominent entrepreneurs and salient investors. It's a great way to raise one's profile and make valuable new connections.

If you're interested in becoming our next great guest writer, fire us a note with your story idea at

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