The Last But Not Least: New Platforms and Applications Group at Fusion

by Victoria Revay

The last group is now presenting and it is the application group. This should be exciting!

Konductor Software: Derek Zarbrook, President

Content management the designer's way. What is Konductor?

Konductor is a content management platform that combines an extendable service, a Dreamweaver plug-in and an AIR based content editor to create a seamless workflow from site designer to content owner. The designer's workflow remains intact and uninterrupted so Dreamweaver can still be the tool of choice for creating the website and its templates.

The model for Konductor content management is SaaS (Software as a Service). For the average user this means there is no complicated server side set up or maintenance and third party developers can easily add functionality as the Konductor service includes a REST API.

Clients can manage their content using the Konductor desktop AIR application. The application allows for wysiwyg editing, real time image optimization, and offline content editing. Clients can now do the work of content management without the learning curve with this easy to use, dedicated desktop application.

Layerboom: Howie Wu, CEO

Provides hosting companies turn key software solutions for virtual private hosting. Layerboom is easily set-up, no licensing cost and fast. What is virtualization?

Virtualization is a technology used to divide a physical server into many smaller virtual servers. Each virtual server gets a dedicated portion of the physical server resources, including memory, disk and CPU.

Mingleverse Labratories: Daniel Ruscigno, Marketing

My article about Mingleverse debuted on Techvibes back in September and today the group gave a strong presentation at Fusion. What is Mingleverse?

Mingleverse is a multiple award-winning provider of “Consumer Telepresence”, the 1st 3D voice, audio, and visual telecommunications service offered directly to consumers. Mingling is the newest form of online and mobile communications and is best experience, not explained; it is unlike anything else!

The MingleRoom service combines 25+ proprietary technologies and media sharing features through a web browser that is free to ultra low cost, simple to use and sounds and feels as real as being there. MingleRooms allow you to instantly interact or ‘mingle’ live with 2 to 50 people simultaneously, all from separate locations without any special hardware or complex service plans.

Moving Media Group:  Stewe Lowry, CFO and VP Operations

You know those screen in taxi cabs that play loud ads while you're getting a lift from your place to the bar? Moving Media makes these screens with the ads. According to the presentation, the digital ad industry is on the up and up, as traditional non-digital media is on the decline.

Unbounce Marketing Solutions: Rick Perreault, CEO

Vancouver-based Unbounce is a hosting service that enables marketers to create and test landing pages without IT support.

It's a self-serve hosted service that enables companies to earn more revenue from their online marketing spend by providing marketers the means to create and test promotion specific landing pages without the need for IT or other specialized resources. While most marketers understand that the use of promotion specific landing pages can increase conversion rates and ROI (10%-30% or more) of their PPC, banner or email campaigns, most don’t include them as part of their online advertising efforts because of the time and cost challenges of getting them implemented.

Moving Media Group Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Moving Media Group Inc. is a Canadian-based media company utilizing interactive digital media solutions for Out-of-Home advertising. MMG’s network of interactive touch screens is installed in metropolitan taxi cabs, delivering entertaining content and advertising to hard-to-reach professionals, tourists and entertainment seekers 24 hours a day. more

Mingleverse Laboratories Inc
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Mingleverse Mingle Room service is a next-generation, real-time, voice, video and multimedia communication platform that allows anyone, anywhere to engage with others over the internet in a highly realistic and immersive way. Mingleverse offers 3D meeting rooms that resemble real life meetings within the browser window. Visual telecommunications, a 3D audio experience, as well as... more

Layerboom Systems
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Layerboom Systems provides hosting companies with all the components required to provide turn-key virtual private servers to their customers. By combining the latest virtualization technologies with a unique hosted management platform, hosting companies are able to provide VPS products to their customers quickly and easily, while continuing to focus on what they do best. more

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Unbounce is the landing page builder designed for marketers. Build and test high-converting mobile-responsive landing pages for your campaigns—no coding required. With drag-and-drop functionality, professionally-designed templates, A/B testing, lead generation tools and CRM, WordPress, analytics and marketing automation integrations, Unbounce is the most powerful and customizable landing page... more

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