The Northern Voice Personal Blogging and Social Media Conference is Back

by Jonathon Narvey

Northern Voice logoPersonal blogging is about instantly connecting your voice with an audience. At the Northern Voice conference happening in Vancouver on June 15 and 16, bloggers (along with tweeps, Facebook pals, Pinterest users and other social media mavens) shall assemble at a new location: the W2 Community Media Arts building in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

If you're a blogger in Vancouver, you've probably already heard of Northern Voice, which has run with grassroots volunteer organization since 2005. "That year, the organizers of Canada's first weblogging social media conference put on an event that was inexpensive, informal, and accessible to techies and newbies alike. From those humble beginnings Northern Voice has been transformed into... well, actually it's still cheap, friendly and open to all," says Shane Birley, a longtime organizer, author of Blogging for Dummies and one of the keynote presenters at this year's conference.

Other highlights:

  • One of Twitter's first employees, Blaine Cook, was a lead developer of the popular social networking site. His keynote address discusses the Wild Future of the Internet.
  • A Democratizing Media panel to discuss how social media can make it easier to share information on new legislation and tally support for political action.
  • PhotoCamp returns, offering creative photography-focused talks on all aspects of photography (beginner to pro). For your personal voice, let your picture tell 1,000 words.

The range of topics at Northern Voice involve anything that webbie people are interested in. Previous years have had plenty of geekery mixed with panels on how blogging interacts with family life, education, travel, photography, community building and establishing professional profiles. Speakers range from the big names to first-time presenters with a passion to share.

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Jonathon Narvey

Jonathon Narvey

Jonathon Narvey is a Vancouver-based freelance journalist, website copywriter and author. He is the founder of WRITEIMAGE, a website copywriting services company. Jonathon grew up in Winnipeg, Canada. While he remains proud of his prairie roots, he moved to the west coast of Canada soon after beginning a career as a writer. Mostly, he writes about politics, current events and life in... more

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