The Now Revolution: A Hype-Free Review (Plus, get a bonus Jay Baer drinking game included for free!)

by Nicole Sorochan | Culture

Last year, I spent a few hours with Jay Baer, the co-author of “The Now Revolution.” He was visiting Victoria and during our visit I learned something personal about him. He loves tequila. I also was lucky enough to receive his business card, made from metal, which doubled as a beer opener. So for my review of “The Now Revolution,” I thought it would be fitting to include a drinking game based on the MS codes in his new book, “The Now Revolution.”

I mean, if he can make his business card a tool for drinking, why not make his new book one too?

But to play the drinking game, you’ll need to know more about “The Now Revolution.” So here’s my review. It covers the “good,” the “bad” and, the “ugly.” Pay attention, though. There will be a test.

The Good

“The Now Revolution” is one of the most comprehensive social business books released this year. Unlike a lot of social media books which are essentially fat calling cards for speaking engagements, the “Now Revolution” covers a lot of ground, giving a holistic look at the radical changes over the last 3 years.

At the core of the book is the idea that we have moved into an immediate, synchronous, and interconnected world. To adapt to these changes, “The Now Revolution” walks you through the mindset needed to create a successful social company. But it doesn’t just cover theory or abstract principles. It’s easy to agree to social media theories of engagement and real-time response; harder to actually fit them into your day-to-day operations. So the authors provide a ton of tools and techniques to guide you from theory to practice.

“The Now Revolution” also shows you how to get rid of the old fashioned practices that might be holding your company back and has some really deep insights into practical challenges such as hiring, the need to establish social media guidelines, listening tools, and other tools necessary to become a true social organization.

Pick up a copy. It will give you some serious direction and show you that the transformation from traditional business templates into the new social environment has only just started.

The Bad

In “The Now Revolution” you will notice MS Tags (Microsofts version of QR Codes) on various pages and sections, encouraging you to download the Microsoft Tag application to uncover additional resources and tools.

The Microsoft Tag Technology may seemingly make the book more ‘social’ but so does Jay’s fancy beer opener business card. While it strategically brings a big brand sponsor and may get a luddite response like “this is so 3.0,” – the reality is that when reading a physical book or worse yet, a Kindle, do you really want to have to take pictures of codes with your smart phone to get “secret data?” It seems like a bit of a chore.

Perhaps it would be cool if one of the codes unlocked some secret world or a hidden online game in a sci-fi book, but in this case, a simple written URL would do.

But maybe I’m just not embracing this futuristic feature… or maybe, just maybe, it needs one more layer of interactivity. Hmm…

As promised, I made the MS codes in the book into a drinking game. Get ready to test your social media knowledge Jay Baer-style.

Enter “The Now Revolution” Drinking Game.

The Ugly

In order to play, you will need one copy of “The Now Revolution,” a shot glass, a bottle of tequila (or your drink of choice), a smart phone, and the MicroSoft Tag technology app, and preferably a friend or two—this is social media after all.

• Page 16 MS Code: The Culture Barometer: Take the Culture Barometer quiz. If you score above 28 points or more congrats! You get to give a shot to someone else; or you if you are playing by yourself you do not have to drink. If you score between 21-28 points take a drink. If you score below 21 points take two drinks.

• Page 29 MS Code: Real Time Recruitment : Take turns asking the recruitment

Questions to a partner—have them reply in 140 characters or less (the same length as a Tweet on Twitter). If they fail—take a shot. If they succeed, take a shot. If you are playing alone, answer the questions by typing your answers on Twitter. For every answer you do not get a retweet or reply to, take a shot.

*While answering questions in tweet sound bytes has nothing really to do with how well someone may be suited for a social media position in your company, but practicing your tweeting skills is just plain fun.

• Page 90 MS Code: Free Listening Posts

For every listening post mentioned on this list that you currently use, give one shot to a friend. Take 2 shots if you have used less than 3 tools in this list. Take 3 shots if you are not using / or have never used a “listening” tool for your company or a company you worked for.

• Page 134 MS Code: Taylor Responds

First off, take a shot if you cannot hum at least one line of “United Breaks Guitars” by Taylor Carroll. Before scanning the MS code, watch the United Breaks Guitars clip and explain how you might have responded if you were the Customer Support team for Taylor Guitars. If your answer is similar to their response, give a shot to a friend. If you are nowhere close, take a shot.

• Tag 22: Social Media Metrics Selector

First, check your Klout score. If you score less than 35, take a shot. If you score more than 50, give a shot to a friend. If you score 90 and above, you probably have better things to do with your time than playing drinking games. After finding out your Klout score, select a goal. You have 3 choices: Awareness, Sales, and Loyalty.

If you answer “I don’t know” to more than 3 questions in one section (for example, in the “awareness section”), take a shot.


Last one. You feel lucky?

Before you scan the tag, answer these two questions. What is the name of Amber Naslund’s blog? What’s the name of Jay Baer’s blog? For every wrong answer, take a shot. But if you get both wrong don’t feel bad, you now have two new blogs to discover and enjoy.

How do you feel?

If you are extremely drunk this should be a fun awakening to the importance of understanding the concepts in “The Now Revolution.” Hopefully, you start your next morning with a social media hang-over that will only disappear by getting smarter, faster, and more social in the changing consumer landscape.

If you managed to avoid drinking shots, congrats! You are on the right path to social media Godliness.

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