This Startup Lets You Send Physical Greeting Cards to Anyone in the World From Your iPhone or iPad

A Vancouver startup is bringing physical greeting cards back up to speed with a web- and mobile-based service.

OH Greetings allows users to send real greeting cards from their website or mobile app "to anyone in the world on any date they like." The company prints, signs, packages, and delivers the cards "for the same price as the user would pay if they were to purchase a card and mail themselves."

A user starts by selecting an Occasion or a Category, for which each have dozens of different card designs. Then, a message up to 250 characters—that's just less than two full tweets on Twitter—can be written. Lastly, you insert the name and address of the recipient as well as your desired delivery date.

In my test, the card cost one penny, and shipping was $1.99, for a total charge of $2.00. Payment options included credit card and PayPal. See the service in action in the video below.

OH Greetings Cards Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada allows users to send real, high-quality Greeting Cards from our website to anyone in the world on any date they like. We Print, Sign, Package and Deliver the cards for the users, for the same price as the user would pay if they were to purchase a card and mail themselves. Our instructional video can take you through the process here:... more

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