TIFF Nexus New Media Conference to Unveil Toronto’s First DigiPlayspace

by Dan Verhaeghe

As someone who used to work for a safety surfacing company, I thought spongy playgrounds over concrete ones were pretty innovative, given the dangers of child horseplay. But remember in elementary school, when the teachers would always tell you to keep your hands to yourself to prevent violence?   

Toronto’s first digiPlayspace, set to be showcased at the upcoming TIFF Nexus New Media Literacies Conference, will keep children’s hands on a variety of distracting touchscreens—which may, in turn, reduce the amount of injuries children sustain while playing.

See it in action in the video below.

If you buy a ticket to the upcoming conference, you’ll be allowed to roam free in the playspace for over an hour. You’ll get to re-live your childhood dream—but in a digital and interactive way which is filled with creative touchscreen technology.   

We’re seeing the beginnings of natural user interface technology unfold in real-life Canadian practical examples; where technology blends in and can be activated with the objects around us in various ways.  Check out Project Glass from the augmented reality world released by Google last week, and a video from Microsoft we showed six weeks ago for a better idea of how natural user interface technology among other things could shape our future in the coming years.

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Dan Verhaeghe

Dan Verhaeghe

Dan Verhaeghe focuses on marketing, mobile, major technology players, entertainment, and new media. Dan has a dozen years of online experience that dates back to the turn of the millennium where he dominated a now non-existent online RPG game for a couple of years at the age of 15. He would eventually become a Toronto Blue Jays blogger who earned his way into Toronto's CP24 studios six years... more

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