Toronto Startup Tigidi is Canada's Answer to Pinterest

by Dan Verhaeghe | Startups

At the Canadian Innovation Exchange, Vanilla Forums, which powers discussions on over 513,000 sites announced the release of "reputation points" for users across their forum network to compete with evolving message board sites that allow users to determine the "boards of interest" rather than "message board" administrators. 

This is the model the ever popular image-based boards and social network Pinterest took, far surpassing any traditional message board in traffic rankings according to Alexa as we mentioned last week. It has old forum warriors thinking innovate or go home. 

Tigidi, backwards for "I Dig It" is a Toronto-based startup is a social online platform that allows users to build and share the things they like and want much like Pinterest.

The "Dig It" button lets you grab any image from the web and instantly drop into a list. The difference between the sites is that Tigidi allows you to corss-merge important dates with friends so that important days are never forgotten with a clever ikickin feature that allow users to talk behind a friend's back while organizing a group gift for them. 

CEO Ky Joseph says: "People have always created lists of things they like or want but instead of ripping pictures from a catalogue or scanning items from one retail store, Tigidi offers a web-based, universal platform with no limits whatsoever”.

With traditional forums that generally looked all the same there were always limits to what you could do. Sites like Tigidi and Pinterest allow that "limit threshold" to be pushed. 

Tigidi has passed 6,000 members now and has over 15,000 Digs. 

While the site is still in beta, they say in the near future when you tell them what you "like and want" on the site through the "Dig It" feature you'll be able to see where to buy it at the best price. 

It looks like the Pinterest clone wars are about to begin, much like the Groupon clones of the past couple years. Although meshing those two concepts doesn't sound like a bad idea either which Tigidi is sort of already planning on doing.

Groupon is no stranger to personalization either- they've recently released a feature where you can click "hearts" to tell the site the deals you really love. 

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