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These days everyone wishes they started the next big social media network, and the expansive online universe, in its enduring esoterica, hardly

fails to offer up new untapped niches for the social media model. That’s why Seattle startup Timu is taking it upon themselves to provide the connective and community-building capabilities of social media to the world of organized amateur sport.

Think about it, playing for sports team in the past (for those of us who found that sort of thing appealing), what communicative powers did we have? Team meetings? Phone calls from the coach? The always satisfying Team Banquet? Timu, led by social media veteran Matt Heaton, has built a platform that will allow amateur athletes, teams, and leagues to coordinate schedules and rosters, post stats and pictures, and generally engage the sports community. Imagine being able to compare your batting average to hundreds of thousands of sporting amateurs in the world, and then, provided your average is sufficient, sending a few cheeky remarks to tomorrow’s opponents. Or watching bowling video posts from last night's local league play to keep an eye on the tournament. Sounds like fun.

Of course, Timu aren’t the only people who have thought of this; there are scores of social media networks in the making out there, even in the sports genre, such as WePlay -- endorsed by LeBron James himself-- Sportsvite, and Vancouver’s own TeamPages. And we can’t forget that that heavyweights like Facebook will be hoping to keep sports groups in it’s enormous, multifaceted fold. But for Matt Heaton there’s is much inadequacy in the existing platforms out there, and he would know a thing or two about social media building, having co-founded the popular Active Rain real estate network.

Timu launches this week.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

TeamPages is an online social network and utility for amateur sports that makes it easier for coaches, team managers and players to: manage their teams, schedule games, and keep track of stats communicate with one another and share memories build an online community and presence TeamPages provides teams, athletes, and fans with a central location to post and find their schedules, check out... more

Timu Corp.
Bothell, Washington, United States

Timu provides a social networking platform for amateur athletes and sports teams at Timu.com more

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Hugh Macdonald

Hugh Macdonald

Hugh Macdonald is a writer, musician, and communications professional from Vancouver, Canada. A graduate of the UBC Arts Program, he toured Western Canada with his musical group, Ponderosa, before spending three years working in Vancouver tech start-ups as a technical writer, software trainer, and communications coordinator, and fitting in some world travel on the side. He is now a blogger... more

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