TitanFile Cloud-Based Document Transfer Upping Their Game

TitanFile, a secure file-transfer service that we covered back in March, is continuing to make waves in the cloud-based file-transfer community.  Recently presented at DemoCamp 2011 in Toronto earlier this month, TitanFile have been busy getting their name into the community, and adding additional features and services. 

TitanFile is a tool that allows the transfer of important documents in a secure and painless way.  This means that companies unimpressed with email, and not rich enough to setup a Sharepoint server and pay the management costs, can send secure documents with ease.

Authenticity aside, the options available through TitanFile are impressive.  Whether you want to make a file available only between a date allocation, deleted after a certain amount of time, password protected, accessible based on location, etc., chances are TitanFile can do it.  They’ve also built in device support and file access time-stamps.

TitanFile Comparison (Courtesy TitanFile)


TitanFile Inc.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

TitanFIle is the easiest way to send and receive confidential documents. Use TitanFile to send and receive files that are too confidential or too large for email & get notified once your sent document is accessed. TitanFile transfers your files over a secure connection and stores them safely using a military grade encryption. TitanFile can even verify identity of the recipient before giving... more

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Stephen Christensen

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