Top 5 Reasons Mark Zuckerberg was in Vancouver last week

Thanks to a Facebook status update last Wednesday, Vancouver is a buzz wondering why Facebook's famous founder is in our fair city.

Techvibes has been hit with with blog post comments, tweets, and anonymous emails with theories on why Mark Zuckerberg might be in Vancouver. Speculation has been rampant with Zuckerberg spotted in a Gastown furniture store, driving around UBC in a BMW, and cruising West Hastings with a coffee in hand.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Zuckerberg was in Vancouver last week:

5) Facebook is acquiring social fundraising platform FundRazr.

FundRazr was the only Vancouver-based partner highlighted at Facebook's recent f8 Conference. See their blue and green logo to the left of Zuckerberg's head in photo.

Not likely as FundRazr's CEO Daryl Hatton is currently in Zuckerberg's neck of the woods at the PayPal Innovate Conference.

4) Facebook is in talks with Electronic Arts about gaming platforms.

Possible but a more likely scenario would be Facebook acquiring a smaller gaming studio that can help Facebook build their own video game store.

We've heard that Zuckerberg met with Tiny Speck Founder Stewart Butterfield but he may just be a big Glitch fan.

3) Facebook is opening a development center in Vancouver.

Facebook has historically been a top hirer of UBC engineering talent and with the battle for developers and programmers in Silicon Valley heating up this is a strong possibility.

2) Facebook is acquiring social media dashboard HootSuite.

HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes defensively tweeted "@facebook isn't buying @hootsuite anytime soon" but that could be just to throw everyone off the scent.

As one Techvibes commenter has pointed out, HootSuite is integrated with every social media platform out there and with Zuckerberg having a history of not playing fair with others it would likely be shuttered if acquired.

1) Zuckerberg is buying property in Vancouver.

Don Mattrick of Electronic Arts (and now Microsoft) fame owns a $30 Million estate on the way to UBC and there are plenty of other premium properties available on the Westside as well as in West Vancouver where you'll find Canada's most expensive property. Zuckerberg may simply be shopping for real estate.

Don't buy any of these theories? Add yours to the comments and we'll see who is right

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