The Top 5 BlackBerry Stories of 2012

Research In Motion is a storied company. From the king of the smartphone world to the bottom of the barrel, the veteran technology firm has observed the mobile industry through every possible lens.

RIM could very well be as good as dead. Or it could be on the brink of a history-making comeback. This vast, two-sided swath of potential is what makes everyone so fascinated by the company. And why it made headlines all year long.

5. 31% of BlackBerry 10 Developers are Abandoning the Platform

Grim news gripped RIM fans midway through the year: developers were fleeing BB10 in droves months before it was even slated for release. This dark report cast a shadow on the fragile company and its delicate stock at the time.

4. More Canadians Plan to Buy BlackBerry 10 Devices Than Android

Good news flooded in later in the year, with a study revealing that Canadians were pretty damn excited about RIM's upcoming devices. Their (theoretical) popularity trumped the ubiquitous Android for 2013 purchases, a strong signal that RIM's home market remains loyal.

3. RIM Shares Will Hit $43 in 2013

Shares of Research In Motion have been all over the map in recent years. From a high of more than $140 in 2008, they roller coastered to a low of just above $6 this year, but not long after more than doubled to over $13, before collapsing again to $11. Any news about RIM shares triggered a buzz—the stock is doomed, the stock is poised to skyrocket, so on and so forth.

2. BlackBerry 10 is Going to Have the Best Mobile Web Browser

Our suggestion that BlackBerry 10 could sport the best mobile web browser ever stirred quite the controversy. Our readers offered up every opinion possible on the matter and some truly heated arguments. It proved at least one thing: that, whether BB10 sucks or is amazing, it sure can get people talking.

1. The First Official Image of RIM's Flagship BlackBerry 10 Smartphone

The first time Research In Motion unveiled its flagship hardware, it was a modest teaser. Yet everybody got excited nonetheless. Perhaps it was simply the idea that RIM had finally settled on a real device design, or maybe it was the reminder that BB10 was just a couple of months away; regardless of the reason, the eager anticipation was palpable.

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