Toronto Fashion Incubator Promotes Social Media to Fashion Entrepreneurs

When technology entrepreneurs and fashion collide - beautiful things can happen, including this video.

Top local tech stars speak about social media and its importance in fashion. Surprisingly, not many fashion companies utilize social media in their day to day businesses to promote their lines. Mostly due to a lack of time, focus and knowledge on the subject.

The Toronto Fashion Incubator hopes to shed some light and knowledge through its newly created guide: Intro to Social Media: A TFI Guidebook for Fashion Entrepreneurs available for purchase for $30 on their website.


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Jas Banwait

Jas Banwait

As the co-founder of Savillian, Jas Banwait has been able to successfully use social media in growing her fashion business. From avid blogging about suits to tweeting live at Toronto Fashion week, Jas has a profound interest in the role of technology in fashion.  Jas also does freelance technology and food tax credit consulting. You can find her at the Toronto Fashion Incubator, Fashion... more

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