Toronto startup My City Lives partners with

This week, announced on their website that they will be featuring videos on a regular basis from Toronto startup My City Lives.

This is an exciting new opportunity for the Toronto Startup, as they now have a new way to distribute and grow traffic to their user-submitted videos about the people and places that make their city great.

"It's a big part of our vision that My City Lives can provide value to readers of traditional media through contextual and authentic video content. Our partnership with The Grid is one of the first steps we're taking to actualize this vision and it provides a brand new audience for videos that are created using our new iPhone app," says Adil Dhalla, co-founder at My City Lives.

My City Lives also released their first online video commercial this week. It has already been viewed more than 3150 times – via social media distribution. You can check it out here.


My City Lives
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My City Lives is a digital media platform that Geo tags online videos on an interactive map to produce a living guide to a city. The platform's value is leveraging real world experiences to take their users "one step beyond Streetview" through content from the emerging infotainment segment. The company provides a fused model of company created and user generated stories. Collectively, these... more

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Andrea Wahbe

Andrea Wahbe

Andrea Wahbe is a freelance B2B marketing strategist and corporate storyteller who has contributed to the growth of online media businesses in Canada, such as AOL and Google. By day, Andrea writes about digital media and marketing trends and tips for Canadian startups and SMEs. By night, she’s an analog book reader, master swimmer and experimental chef.  more

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