Toronto startup Notesolution Acquires Waterloo Startup StudyMonkey’s Note-sharing Service

Toronto-based startup Notesolution, the largest online note-sharing platform for students in Canada, announced today that it has acquired the note sharing division of Waterloo's StudyMonkey.

Techvibes first reported on this possibility a week ago. This is Notesolution’s first acquisition.

“We are excited about this move and the potential of the partnership we will be forming with Notesolution," says says Co-Founder and CEO, Vance Lee. "StudyMonkey will continue to focus on being an online community where students can access information and resources for their university needs. Whether it’s picking courses, deciding on the professor to take them with, and more, StudyMonkey strives to provide an innovative community platform where students can easily interact, share, and learn."

"We have developed a site where learning continues digitally, outside of classrooms,” says Jack Tai, CEO and Co-founder of Notesolution. “Reaching over 10,000 students in Ontario made us realize that note- sharing makes a large positive impact to students’ university life. With the acquisition of Studymonkey's note-sharing platform, we can continue to help students gain a better and more comprehensive understanding of course material through Notesolution’s knowledge exchange.”

StudyMonkey is launched in September 2010 by two entrepreneurial University of Waterloo graduates, Vance Lee and Anson Kao.

Notesolution launched Sept 2010 and was founded by Jack Tai, Kevin Wu and Jackey Li.

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