Toronto's Acuity Ads makes a giant splash in the display advertising world

Toronto-based Acuity Ads says they have become the fastest growing company in their respective advertising industry since launching in April. They are further revolutionizing the industry through their demand side platform that maximizes display advertising technology through consumer profiling, real-time bidding and machine learning technology in order to create connection with the consumer.

While they couldn't release any numbers, some of Acuity’s impressive clients include Dell, Sears, The Bank of Montreal, Ally, and RBC Financial Group.

Their most recent innovation, consumer profiling, groups consumers based on their demographic information, interests and intent.

Acuity CEO Tal Hayek says: “The bottom line is we’ve developed hundreds of millions of consumer profiles which allow advertisers to target consumers based on their demographics, interests and intent. Meaning they can deliver highly targeted advertising to the right consumer at the right time for the right price”.

The company also allows for targeting on smartphones, tablets and other devices as display ads continue to work towards becoming more relevant for the consumer.

Hayek continues: “This is a win-win for all parties, the consumers aren’t annoyed with untargeted ads, and the advertisers are reaching the exact consumers they are after (with the publishers getting more out of their inventory)”.

It’s clear through Acuity and various other examples like IBM’s move towards contextualizing big data with the largest private team of mathematicians in the world could help clean up the face of the online marketing and advertising industry which has taken big steps forward this year. A few months ago, Google penalized link farm sites among many others for black-hat marketing practices.

The company also believes that the information network Twitter could solve revenue woes by switching to this type of optimized display advertising.

Acuity’s solutions come on the heels of the ever changing optimized and animated display ad as pushed forward by the Interactive Advertising Bureau known as the IAB Portrait Ad Unit in conjunction with AOL.

Will AOL be outdone by Facebook and Google’s new ad formats though?

The other emerging real-time advertising player that might seem relevant to Canadians is Casale Media, featured in Marketing Magazine recently which is a display ad network, who Acuity has actually partnered with. 

Acuity does indeed seem to be a smart and certainly up-start marketing company in just six months time. 

Acuity Ads
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

AcuityAds is real-time bidding (RTB). Our advanced RTB platform is powered by proprietary machine learning technology that allows advertisers to hyper-target their digital consumers, delivering exceptional results for online display, video and mobile campaigns. In less than 3 years, we’ve grown from 7 people crammed into one room, to over 50 people North America wide. Our solution has been... more

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