Toronto's Endloop Studios launches Chicken Balls on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Chicken Balls HD for the iPad was the number one game for all iPad games in Canada, the number three game in the U.S., and found its way in the top 10 games in over 25 countries.

Described as an "innovative mix of Angry Birds, Peggle, Pinball and Pachinko," this physics-based puzzler is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Check out the video below for some gameplay action.

“We knew that when we broke into the Top 3 Games in the US iPad app store that we were on to something,” said Rob Kenedi, CEO of Endloop Studios. “Now anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch can enjoy the same gameplay wherever they happen to be.”

"Chicken Balls uses the familiar slingshot launch controls but after that, it’s all different." says Linda Tran, Game Producer. “The pachinko/breakout style of gameplay adds a unique twist to the physics puzzler genre that will challenge and delight both veteran and novice gamers.”

“Everyone who’s played it loves unleashing Farmageddon - it’s just pure chaotic fun as hundreds of animals run rampant throughout the level just as the crazy music kicks in,” said Rob Kenedi. “Trust me when I say you haven’t seen anything like this before!”

Endloop Mobile
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

At Endloop, we're a team of experienced developers and designers committed to creating top notch iPhone applications and games. Our focus is on the user experience first and foremost. We always strive to make our apps as fun, elegant, intuitive and easy to use as possible. more

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