Torstar Digital to run their own internal Startup Weekend

by Techvibes NewsDesk

This Thursday Torstar Digital employees will gather after work to begin the ambitious task of building a new business in just 54 hours a la Startup Weekend. The goal is to come up with a new venture they want Torstar Digital to pursue.

Volunteering employees (the event is not a work requirement) will form into teams based on their favourite ideas and spend the next two days turning these ideas into real ventures. All the teams will make final presentations and one will win.

The event is called Startup Weekend Torstar Digital and it is modeled after the Startup Weekend global movement.

Torstar Digital is apparently the first company in Canada to do a Startup Weekend as a corporate event. Chris Eben, lead organizer for the Toronto Startup Weekend will help kick off the event and get Torstar Digital employees prepared for the intensive experience.

Candice Faktor, VP, New Ventures at Torstar Digital said, "We are very proud to be the first company in Canada to hold such an event. We are focused on creating the next generation of digital businesses in the country and who better to do so than the smart entrepreneurial talent of Torstar Digital. We believe magical things can happen when we give people the opportunity to work together from different functional areas and portfolio companies in an entrepreneurial immersive experience like StartUp Weekend."

On Thursday, February 9th, participants will gather at Torstar Digital's King Street offices to be inspired by successful Canadian entrepreneur, Daniel Debow, CEO of Rypple, who recently sold his start up to

On Saturday afternoon the teams will present their final pitches to a group of judges, a mix of Torstar Digital senior leadership and prominent Canadian venture capitalists, including Matt Golden and Matthew Leibowitz. While the winning team will walk away with $5000, the real prize will be the opportunity to see their concept further developed and potentially turned into a real Torstar Digital portfolio business.

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