Mobile Meeting Platform Trendr Uses LinkedIn to Connect You to People You Don't Know

by Dan Verhaeghe

Making face-to-face meetings happen with new people you don’t know can be extraordinarily difficult. It’s becoming even more difficult for business as Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart is enforcing the some of the toughest anti-spam laws in the world.

On LinkedIn, the degrees of connections beyond the first which represent our contacts mean to serve as examples of the people we should get to know. Second degree connections are supposed to represent people we would be better served to be connected to than third degree connections.

There is no way of really determining how trustworthy the people are that you connect with or are your second and third degree LinkedIn connections. That’s where Montreal and New York based Trendr comes in. The startup helps you connect with people you don’t know in order to assist your business development needs. Or perhaps you are looking for a new job, partner, or consultant.

The app profiles people by their availability, how far away they are, and a “t-score” that determines trustworthiness based on prior history of successful meetings and connections. Once an invitation is accepted by both parties, people can meet in person by choosing a nearby location and time or via video-to-video networking.



The company believes that you should stop adding contacts and rather start signing contracts with Trendr. It works best if you have your LinkedIn “summary” filled in as that is what will show up when other people view you based on location and t-score.

The startup recently demoed at a SproutUp Montreal event. It was also at #NewTechMTL, and is the “participant experience sponsor” for the Legacy Conference coming up in Ottawa. CEO Michael Beddows also spoke in front of 200 inventors at the Yale Club in Montreal in September to kick off the Trendr funding initiative.

Peter Davison, Director of Marketing is keenly aware of early adoption and perils of flatlining participation rates. Trendr will be incorporating new functionality including an opt-in to announce to connected contacts and colleagues when you are in a new city. There are plans for rolling this out across a variety of marketing in late 2012, early 2013.

Michael Beddows, founder and CEO of the startup, says that Trendr plans on adding group meeting features in the near future, integrations for other enterprise tools, and that the app will allow to search by industry for the right professionals. The company is using to crowdsource product innovation.

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Dan Verhaeghe

Dan Verhaeghe

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