TrendSpottr and Lymbix Join Forces to Alert You on Latest Trends

by Stephen Christensen

TrendSpottr has come a long way since presenting at DEMO back in 2011. Using their state-of-the-art predictive analytics, TrendSpottr is able to keep up to date with the latest trends. While great for cocktail party conversations, where TrendSpottr really shines is for leading-edge companies, picking up whispers of important news and emerging trends, and allowing customers to monitor the impact they are having.

“TrendSpottr Alerts serves as an early warning system for global enterprises, marketers, PR agencies, governments, financial institutions and consumers," Mark Zohar, the CEO of TrendSpottr, said in a release. "By providing real-time notifications of emerging trends that will grow in importance, reach and impact, TrendSpottr Alerts allows our customers to "get ahead of the curve" and prepare for impending crises and opportunities."

The new TrendSpottr Alerts feature aims to take their alerts even further, depending on their impact potential. By teaming up with Lymbix to deliver “sentiment analysis," they add the ability to quantify the impression news is having on an audience. While it may sound quirky, they know what they're doing, with their software trusted by a number of social media companies, including Radian6 and Hootsuite.

"We're excited to be partnering with TrendSpottr on this innovative new product. The combination of Lymbix's real-time sentiment and TrendSpottr's real-time trend alerts offers customers a unique and powerful way to understand the tone and impact of rapidly emerging issues and trends," says Bob Huggard, COO of Lymbix.

TrendSpottr Alerts will most likely never escape comparison to Google Alerts, but there are worse projects to be compared to. However, there are some key differences between the two. TrendSpottr does not simply email you results of search parameters when new content is found. It goes beyond that, quantifying the impact that each search item has with classifications such as “Elevated," “High," and “Extreme." Lymbix sentiment analysis is built in, and includes “positive," “neutral," and “negative” tags, along with a host of social media integration options.

For more on TrendSpottr Alerts, visit their website.

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Stephen Christensen

Stephen Christensen

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