Tynt gives publishers new insights about their readership

by Liam Britten | Culture

Tynt Multimedia, the Calgary company that gives 600,000 online publishers and websites tools to track and benefit from sharing activity by an estimated 1 billion readers, has released a new suite of tools to allow publishers to study what kind of engagement their content is bringing to users.

Tynt Publisher Tools consists of four separate tools to measure readership:

  • Tynt Keywords: this tool measures readers’ habits after they leave your website. Many times, readers will read something on your website and copy/paste a term from that content into a search engine for more information. Wouldn’t it be better if they were searching your website for that information? With this tool you can see what users are looking for further content on, and plan new content on your website accordingly.
  • Tynt Social: Tynt Social is a tool designed to measure the impact of your content across various social media channels. As Tynt notes, some channels are more valuable than others. So how do you find out if Twitter, Facebook or something else is the lynchpin to your social media strategy? Tynt Social can tell you.
  • Tynt Content: designed to give publishers ideas for new content, Tynt Content tracks what content users are engaging with. This will give publishers ideas for new content, and also see where cross-linking within a website could be done.
  • Tynt Publisher API: this is a convenient dashboard that allows publishers to quickly and easily browse all manner of traffic data. A unique feature of this software is that its data can be viewed with other analytics software of the publisher’s choice.

Social, Keywords and Publisher API are now part of the Tynt SEO (formerly called Tynt Insight). You can find out more about Tynt’s new softyware here.

Tynt Multimedia
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tynt Multimedia is measuring the way consumers interact with content they find on Websites and is focused on improving engagement and user retention for Publishers. The company’s platform is driving new revenue opportunities by increasing traffic, increasing onsite user engagement, providing new methods of content discovery, offering new option for ad delivery and providing unique insights into... more

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Liam Britten

Liam Britten

Liam Britten is a writer and editor with a journalism background operating out of Vancouver. In addition to his work at Techvibes, he has been published in student publications across Canada, as well as local newspapers such as The MapleRidge-Pitt Meadows TIMES and The Langley Advance. An aficionado for the finer things in life — such as video games and sports — Liam is plugged into the tech... more

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