Uber Offers On-Demand Ice Cream Trucks in Toronto Today

Three cheers for ice cream and for Uber for offering on-demand ice cream trucks from 12pm to 6pm EST today in Toronto’s downtown core!

In honour of National Ice Cream Month, Uber teams in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and Washington DC are putting ice cream trucks on the road. Each city is offering different treats. In Toronto, you can expect classic novelty ice cream which, according to Uber, involves Klondike bars and soft serve options.

Andrew MacDonald, General Manager at Uber Toronto says this promotion “promises to be a social media hit. It's the most bad-ass thing to hit the streets since Samuel L. Jackson delivered his legendary Snakes on a Plane speech.” 

How to order your on-demand ice cream truck in Toronto today

Request ice cream by selecting the "ice cream cone icon" in your Uber app. Set the location where you want the ice cream truck to show up and tap "request ice cream delivery here."

You’ll receive an ETA and be able to communicate with the driver. The ice cream truck will deliver five ice creams but you have the option to order more when the truck arrives. Uber will bill your credit card card on file $12 for each bundle you order and hook you up with some Uber swag including tank tops and stickers (while supplies last). Further details can be found on the Uber blog.

The promotion fits with Uber’s mandate to offer choice to their customers—giving you what you want, when you want it. And who doesn’t want ice cream?

Uber has done similar on-demand publicity stunts in the past. Most recently, they brought the party to their customers, rather than bringing their customers to the party with an on-demand Mariachi band this past May.

You can follow all of the on-demand ice cream hoopla on Twitter today via the hashtag #OMGUberIceCream. Also, check out Uber’s video promotion for the event here.

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Andrea Wahbe

Andrea Wahbe

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