Up to 87% of Us Use Our Smartphones on the Toilet [STUDY]

We are a dirty people.

According to a study conducted by marketing agency 11mark, three-quarters of Americans (and don't think we're any different, Canada!) use their phones in the bathroom. Titled IT in the Toilet, the study revealed that two-thirds of people are reading texts while on the toilet, and 63% have even taken a phone call—in fact, 41% actually made a call themselves! They just couldn't wait to leave the bathroom before dialing.

The study also discovered some differences between mobile platforms. Not surprisingly, Android users were by far the most uncouth of the bunch, with a whopping 87% of them having used their smartphones in the bathroom.

Now it makes sense why one in five people drop their phones down toilets. But it also seems that smartphones aren't alone in suffering the grime and germs of washrooms—despite their rather cumbersome sizes, more than one in three tablet owners bring their devices to the john. Really, now, why don't we just start replacing office chairs with toilets? Add a nice leather backing, some wheels—voila!

All of this, and the worst isn't over. While 11mark's research found that a respectable 92% of people wash their hands after using a restroom, a very paltry 14% wash their phones. You know, the same phones that touch hands and faces all day. Yeah…

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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