Upcoming FuEL Awards Offer a Press Opportunity for All Startups and Entrepreneurs

by Herbert Lui | Startups

A friend of mine once pointed out to me that many startups not affiliated with incubators, accelerators, or venture capitalists don’t get the press exposure that they need. I admitted that I couldn’t disagree.

The difficult truth is that startups affiliated with these organizations are certainly much easier for the press, journalists, and bloggers to find; additionally, they usually have very interesting ideas and strong execution (hence how they’ve passed the screening process of these respective organizations).

My friend and I both agreed that press was a valuable asset, as a little coverage could occasionally be what an entrepreneur or startup needs to connect with that life-changing investor or partner. It could serve as social proof to land their first clients, or as a small win that keeps their own momentum moving forward and serve as a reminder of why they started in the first place.

I’m happy to say that I’ve stumbled upon an opportunity for any entrepreneur and startup to hustle for the press coverage that they deserve. PROFIT Magazine and the Impact Entrepreneurship Group are producing the FuEL Awards once more this year, in the hopes of highlighting 20 of Canada’s most forward-thinking entrepreneurs under the age of 30. What will PROFIT and Impact do for these entrepreneurs?

Winners of the FuEL Awards will receive anational award that can attract the attention of customers, investors, and strategic business partners; a profile on the FuEL Awards website (such as this one) and in an editorial package in PROFIT Magazine; a one-day business consultation with professionals from KPMG Enterprise; a chance to be named FuEL Entrepreneur of the Year; and passes to the 2013 PROFIT 200 CEO Summit and GrowthCamp.

Last year’s FuEL Awards brought forth 20 entrepreneurs from 20 different companies. This diverse list included Edward Yao of TeamBuy.ca, Josh Sookman from Guardly, Kyle Vucko of Indochino, and Alex Levy of MyVoice, last year's FuEL Entrepeneur of the Year.

So it’s finally the opportunity for you, or that fantastic entrepreneur you know, to get press coverage from PROFIT Magazine. Will you step up to the plate? Apply to or nominate someone for the FuEL Awards today. Submission deadline is July 16.

It’s time for entrepreneurs and startups to get the press and recognition they deserve.

(Full disclosure: I am the vice president of marketing and communication for the Impact Entrepreneurship Group.)

Indochino Apparel Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Indochino is at the forefront of revolutionizing men’s fashion. Since our founding, we have grown to be one of the largest made to measure menswear brands on the market by providing gentlemen with high quality menswear that makes them look and feel like a million bucks. Our multi-channel customer experience allows men to order their made to measure shirts and suits online, via mobile or... more

Impact Entrepreneurship Group
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Impact's goal is to create the next generation of entrepreneurs and help young entrepreneurs realize their true potential. Impact connects people, knowledge and ideas, recognizing success and providing inspiration to leaders at every stage of their development. The Impact Entrepreneurship Group is Canada's largest non-profit, student-run organization dedicated to encouraging the entrepreneurial... more


MyVoice is a cutting-edge mobile app and server system that turns smartphones into speaking aids. This new technology is useful for people living with communications disorders caused by stroke, autism spectrum disorders and neurodegenerative disease. more

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

TeamBuy.ca is a Canadian-based team-buying website that launched in Toronto in October 2009. The site secures impressive savings by using team-buying power, giving users the benefit of buying in bulk without actually having to. Each feature depends on a minimum number of buyers signing up; if the Buy is successful, a Team Ticket is sent via email within 24 hours to those who purchased. If the... more

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Herbert Lui loves startups, creativity, and innovation. He has been actively blogging about technology and consumer electronics since the summer of 2007, and still enjoys every minute of it. Herbert immerses himself in everything he wants to learn more about. He studies Consumer Behavior at the University of Western Ontario. In whatever spare time he has, Herbert can be found with his friends... more

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