Urbantastic on the scene at Launch Party

by Jonathon Narvey

Urbantastic showed off its urban event search site at Launch Party in downtown Vancouver on Thursday night.

Not sure what you'd like to do (well, maybe not tonight. You're at LPV5, aren't you)? Urbantastic is a search app for cool stuff to do in whatever city you are in.

So what is the driving force behind Urbantastic? According to their blog, "Urbantastic is our chance to make the cities of tomorrow connect more completely with their people. Right now the average city-dweller is bathed in information about the world, yet still feels out of touch with what's happening tonight on the town. We want you give you a sixth sense of what's going down, and in doing so get shoes on feet and butts out the front door."

So... what's the deal? Why wouldn't I just go to Canada.com or Clubzone? The idea behind Urbantastic is that, rather than narrowing your search to a niche site right off the bat, you plug in your interests through keywords and get exposed to the whole gamut of events that you may not have even known about - but which match what you would really like to do, if you had only known about it.

So, go to Urbantastic and you might just be surprised at how many things there are for you to do in our Fun city.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Jonathon Narvey

Jonathon Narvey

Jonathon Narvey is a Vancouver-based freelance journalist, website copywriter and author. He is the founder of WRITEIMAGE, a website copywriting services company. Jonathon grew up in Winnipeg, Canada. While he remains proud of his prairie roots, he moved to the west coast of Canada soon after beginning a career as a writer. Mostly, he writes about politics, current events and life in... more

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