Use employees to interact on Twitter: Vancity social media strategy

by Bryce Tarling | Culture

If social media is about embracing community then Vancity, a Vancouver credit union, has developed a social media strategy that optimizes its strongest asset: it's employees.

Our approach to social media is that our employees, who interact with our members daily in the real world, should represent us online as well.

Employees of Vancity, who are on Twitter, can engage in communications on behalf of the credit union. While the Vancity Twitter page is still quite new and doesn't quite feature a significant amount of activity yet, the extended reach of the company through its employees promises to create a strong and integrated network.

Vancity has created a set of guidelines for its employees (useful for anyone on Twitter) in engaging with social media on behalf of the company. It is very clear that no account or transaction information will be discussed online and that any confidential information will remain confidential.

Having such an extended network of employees that are willing to communicate on behalf of the company says a lot about the company itself. It says to the customer that the people involved believe in their product and that it's worth investing in. Businesses couldn't buy better advocacy.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We know there would be no “us” without “you”. So that’s why, when we say “about us”, we hands-down, absolutely, really and truly mean “about you”. Sure, we’re proud of the fact that our 400,000 members have entrusted us with $14.5 billion of their assets, making us Canada’s largest Credit Union. But those impressive numbers are never our sole focus, to be sure. No, our focus is always on what... more

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Bryce Tarling

Bryce Tarling

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